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Dustin Blake Mcfadden Smith - Online Memorial Website

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Dustin Blake Mcfadden Smith
Born in Alabama
21 years
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Caitlyn Chisholm
Hello my amazing cousin! I have so many memories of you and I together. Its hard to believe your gone. Theres nothing about you that wasnt likeable. I remember how you made me laugh all the time! You made me take pictures of you while you posed looking all sexy lol. I used to love riding in your car because you always played loud music. One thing i didnt like was how when I was little you would always try to pull me under the water I was always so scared and hated swimming with you. Id give anything to have you pull me under the water one last time, make me take one more picture, put a smile on my face one last time that I will never forget, and take one more ride with you in your car. Id cherish every last moment with you. I love you so much Dustin Blake Smith you will always and forever be in my heart and on my mind, you were such a sweet special person and I miss you so much, no more pain and no more tears your in good hands now cuz and I know your looking down on every last one of us. R.I.P Dustin. I love you<3
Austin Jackson

hello my wonderful brother! you know we used to have so much fun together growing up! i remember you was the one that helped me learn how to swim in the pool, just the other day you was at our pool swimming with us! I was looking at pictures of you in my photo album! you are going to be missed so much dustin and I know you are up there looking down watching me, i would have never imagined would be going to your funeral today! and your baby kayden, he is so handsome you have a very good son and he has a wonderful dad that he will meet one day! so many people loved you dustin there was so many people at your funeral! and your song Amazing Grace, Katie Findley sang that at your funeral, she and you had a wonderful voice! i love you so much and we all going to see you one day, it may take sometime but we gonna be there one day sitting right beside you!

Megan Landreth
Hello my love! I keep thinking about all the things we did growing up! We were the first two grandkids born! we were so close! We wrecked the go-cart! WE played the craziest games! We drank our first drink together! I miss you! Im so sorry i wasnt there to tell you i love you! I know you were so scared and i want to take it all away! YOu are so free now! SPread your wings and fly! NOthing can hold you back now! No one or thing can harm you! you are our precious angel that will gaurd us and watch us day in and day out! If i could hug you one more time, if i could tell you i love you one more time, if i could take all your pain away i would! But its gone now! and you will be remembered my so many! YOur son will carry on your legacy! I love you dustin blake smith! You will always be my brother and best friend!!! I LOVE YOU!!! RIP my angel!
I don't have any pictures of me n u Dustin, because u have all the pics of us in ur camera of all the parties we have went to and the other times we have had much fun togeher. Ive never wanted u to leave me whenever u was coming to my house almost everyday but I new u had a family to go to but u were also my family, thats why I moved back to Flomaton because I wanted to be near you sweetie. Im so much heartbroken right now but u always told me that I have a pretty smile so im going to smile for you. And I will never forget that day June 3, 2011 whenever u gave me a kissed on my cheek and told me that you LOVE me and I will always be your BIG SISTER. I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH AND IM MISSING YOU NOW. LOVE UR SIS LASTARYA aka ( STAR).
I chose the song Amazing Grace to be put on here due to the sentimental meaning of the song. I remember him always singing this song, he LOVED singing it. He use to tell me that it was such a special song with special meaning. DUSTIN how right you were!!! Because today I hold on to these words for comfort to heal the pain. I know you are up there singing this song today! KEEP SINGING BECAUSE I STILL LOVE YOUR VOICE just like I did when you were 4 years old.

Please feel free to write some of your memories you have of Dustin as well as any suggestions to the page. ADD, ADD, ADD the pictures you have of all the good times with him.
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